The Power of Change Comes From Within

This new documentary film tells the remarkable story of Vince DiPasquale and how his journey has inspired thousands of others. As a noted lecturer and educator in the field of addiction, Vince is the founder of The Starting Point, Inc. of New Jersey a nonprofit education and resource center that saves lives by helping people suffering with mental health and addiction challenges find the care they need. Filmed by noted local filmmaker Bill Horin and presented by The Rosen Group, a leader in HR staffing solutions, this film explores Vince’s path and, with the insight of others who have learned from and worked with Vince, conveys the restorative power of mental wellness, recovery, and personal growth. Be inspired.

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The Starting Point

The Starting Point, Inc. of New Jersey is a nonprofit organization that saves lives by helping people through mental health and addiction challenges. It believes  recovery doesn’t have one answer or a timeline. The Starting Point is an education and resource center that offers assessment and referral services to help those in crisis sort out their best options for care. Vince and The Starting Point envision “a world where no one dies from mental health and addiction challenges.”

Vince DiPasquale

Vince DiPasquale

Vincent F. DiPasquale, M.A., noted lecturer and educator in the Tri-State area has been active in the field of addiction for the past 44 years. His is Founder of The Starting Point, Inc. of New Jersey.

Vince, with his friendly manner and down-to-earth lectures, has assisted many to enter a new sense of awareness and come to realize and accept that the power to institute change comes from within. While sharing his own spiritual and emotional growth, he guides his listeners in increasing their self-esteem and allowing old fears and behaviors to make way for a new and fulfilling lifestyle.

Scott Rosen

Scott Rosen

Scott has had a long term commitment and active participation with The Starting Point and the Mental Health Field.  Scott met Vince DiPasquale over 35 years ago when he attended his lectures on Codependency in Manayunk PA .  They have remained friends ever since.  Scott has attended many programs at Starting Point to work on his own mental health challenges.   He served as President on the Starting Point Board and remains a member of the board.

On the business side, Scott founded The Rosen Group in 1995. Over the past 25+ years, the firm has become a leading staffing firm which specializes in placing HR professionals. Scott’s responsibilities include management, sales, marketing, recruiting, finance and operations.  Scott has published two books on HR leadership and productivity.  His website is

Scott has twin 24 year old children, Lee and Cassidy. In his spare time, Scott enjoys traveling, reading, playing guitar, watching movies, and attending concerts and sporting events.


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